About Us

Jitesh Kumar Founder Bachpan Bachao Foundation

The organization Bachpan Bachao Foundation has been working on the education of poor children in Badarpur area of Delhi for more than 7 years. The aim of the organization is to provide free education, stationery and nutritious food in lunch to poor children. Why only education? Shiv Kheda had said that education prepares responsible citizens for the country, when you educate children, you not only educate children but also prepare responsible citizens for the country. Who knows which child may become a capable teacher, President of the country, Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister, Judge or Collector etc. after studying further. Professionals who can give recognition to the country in the world can become anything. Teaching children is also important because it is easy to guide educated people but difficult to enslave them. Education produces citizens who not only earn well but also live a good life.